Sincere life

Ill-NoIs NAtion

King Poetic Vol. I

It's been about 2 years since Sincere left us with 'Write Of Passage' an album said to be his best work to date with songs like 'Favorite', 'Get Right' and the story driven 'Three Kings'. He expands on that formula in 'King Poetic Vol. I' the album overall is very well rounded, he showcases the flow and lyrical ability we know and love him for over a versatile selection of beats which is handled by producers Flawless Tracks, The Ghost, Scotty Muzik, Cardiac, Alchemist, & Nichi to name a few.

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"(Write Of Passage's) 11 tracks form an album-length arc, demonstrating that the Chicago-raised artist is more than the plaintive rhyme-scribbler he presented on 2011's Dreams in My Notebook.”